Flash triggers: Cactus V6 vs Phottix Odin II

Flash triggers: Cactus V6 vs Phottix Odin II

Cactus V6

The Cactus V6 enables you to use and control the power of different brands of fl ash wirelessly, including Canon, Nikon and Pentax, giving you far more flexibility than you’ll have with the Phottix Odin.

The transceiver has a range of features including fl ash profile learning, delay timer, group control that lets you control up to four groups from up to 100 meters, and full manipulation of power modes to 1/10, 1/3, 1/2 and 1EV steps.

There is also a Lo Power mode that will fi re the fl ash for extremely short lengths of time, and the Absolute Power mode benchmarks the power output of different fl ash models to the same light intensity, which will help you achieve a more consistent light output.

Everything can be controlled from a pleasantly bright LCD screen and easy-to-use controls. The overall build quality of the Cactus V6 is good and it feels lighter in hand that the Phottix Odin II. Annoyingly you have to buy two units in order to use them, however, even then it still comes in far cheaper than the Phottix Odin.

Phottix Odin II TTL Flash Trigger Receiver For Canon

The Phottix Odin II is a part of a professional fl ash triggering system that has been designed to give the users more control. This receiver is purchased separately from the transmitter, which is very frustrating and bumps up the price of the already expensive system substantially.

The receiver itself is quite weighty, but feels reasonably well made and sturdy. Users must select the brand of fl ash that they want the trigger to be used with upon purchase, which means there is a lot less flexibility than with the Cactus V6.

The buttons on the front of the device feel a little cheap and make a rather unattractive clicking sound, however, the screen is backlit making it easy to read even in the dark. There are 32 channels available and five fl ash group options – which is one more than the Cactus V6 – as well as Digital ID matching, high-speed sync and zoom head control.

The initial setup can be a little daunting, but once in use it is clear that this is a system for professional use.

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