Ricoh Theta SC Review

Ricoh Theta SC Review

A fun and inspiring approach to the world of 360-degree digital photography.

The Ricoh Theta offers a unique way of capturing digital photos, as it’s capable of creating near-seamless, 360-degree images. Its slim, narrow shape means that it is pocket sized, allowing you to take it anywhere without it being cumbersome.

This is important, as it will most likely be used as a secondary camera to your camera phone or DSLR. The camera does not have a screen, but utilises your smartphone as a wireless viewer and receiver.

Images can be stored on the Theta itself for viewing later; the internal memory is around 8GB so there is plenty of room for a day’s shooting, with each image being around 4MB in size. Ricoh offers a free application for your smartphone and desktop computer for you to view your images and video.

It only takes seconds while using the app to connect to the camera, and you’re even able to adjust the settings while viewing a live image via the wireless connection. The only downside to viewing your images through the mobile app is that images have to be downloaded either one by one or all together, making it impossible to pick and choose several favorites.

The other alternative is to download the app on a desktop and batch download them, which takes no time at all. Using the camera for the first time can be a weird experience, as you don’t have to point it at anything – it literally sees everything, even your thumb pressing the button.

The process is hassle-free and you can have confidence that this camera won’t miss anything. Suddenly the worries of exposure and composition just disappear. It’s a camera you can trust, which makes this a unique way of capturing your memories.

The image quality is impressive and captures a wide dynamic range, allowing the images to merge almost perfectly even in the harshest of light. It even works well in low-light situations, such as indoors.

This camera retails at $250, which is a little on the high side. In a lot of cases you don’t necessarily want to see what’s behind you, but when you’re traveling or at events, this camera could come into a league of its own and make it a worthwhile investment.

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